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Supporting you and your Audi

We believe you should expect excellent service every time you make contact with us. We train every member of our team to ensure that you receive the highest standards of customer service. We want to make sure that you enjoy a consistent, helpful and stress-free experience whenever you’re in contact with us.

To ensure that you receive the best support and customer experience possible, we have an agreed set of service standards:

Service Schedules

We’ll make sure you’re on the service schedule that’s right for you.

Free Health Check

We offer a free Health Check - any time - to help ensure your car performs as you would expect.

Fixed-Price Servicing

For older vehicles, we offer competitive fixed prices for key service and maintenance jobs nationwide.

One-Stop Shop

We can provide whatever your Audi needs and it may surprise you to discover that we’re often less expensive than our competitors.


We observe your vehicle, mileage and driving style and we'll let you know when key service and maintenance events may be due.

Audi Cam

Before you authorise any work on your Audi, we can send you a quick video to explain the issue.

Unique Expertise

We are the experts in Vorsprung durch Technik and we have access to the latest software updates for your Audi.

The Extra Mile

We’ll always provide an attentive, personal service. This includes service while you wait and collection and delivery of your Audi.

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