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Policy Facts

The Guarantee is valid in the United Kingdom and for up to 60 days per year in Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland). Audi Roadside Assistance is only applicable in the United Kingdom.

There is no mileage limitation on the car while the Guarantee is in place.

Servicing for Audi vehicles: Keep the vehicle serviced in accordance with the service schedule recommended by the manufacturer of the covered vehicle. We recommend that the servicing is completed by a franchised dealer using Manufacturer's Original Parts.

You must keep all servicing receipts and invoices.

Failure to keep your car serviced in accordance with the Manufacturer's Service Schedule will void the Guarantee.

The total value of repair work completed during the Guarantee period is limited to the original purchase price of the vehicle for vehicles under five years/100,000 miles and limited to the market value of the vehicle for cars over five years/100,000 miles.

The cost of any investigation work can only be authorised by the vehicle owner, who will remain responsible for meeting that cost in the event that the repair is not covered by the Guarantee.

Replacement of drive belts, filters, lubricants, antifreeze and fluids required because of the failure of a covered part are covered by the Guarantee.

Consequential damage to a part will be paid for if caused by another covered part.

Consequential damage to a part not included in the Guarantee will not be covered.

Notwithstanding the above, we are not liable for consequential loss however caused.

All replacement parts become the property of Audi UK.

Failure caused by deterioration of a covered part commensurate with its age and mileage is not covered. This includes, but is not limited to, gradual loss of engine compression requiring the repair of valves or rings and the gradual increase in the oil consumption due to normal operating functions. This guarantee will not pay for deterioration of this type.

If the fault causing the part failure existed before the Guarantee came into effect, the Guarantee will not pay for that repair.

The Guarantee can be transferred to the next owner of the car by using the transfer of ownership for a transfer fee of £17.50 including VAT.

The car must not be used for hire or reward, commercial use, professional instruction, competition or off-road use, motor rally, speed or duration tests or any practice for these events.

Your car must not be one of the following: all American, Australian and Canadian cars (unless built for the UK), AC, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bristol, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Morgan, Porsche (not Boxster), Rolls Royce, TVR, stretched limousines, kit cars or cars modified outside manufacturer's specification.

Damage caused by any of the following will not be covered: alterations, experimental equipment, fire, water ingress, corrosion, frost, floods, snow-affected roads or embedding in mud or sand, a recurring problem where you have not sought repair advice from an Audi Dealer, failure to respond to a manufacturer's recall, not maintaining your car in a safe and roadworthy condition, improper repair, intentional damage or injury, loss or damage to contents of your car, the theft of your car, participating in a criminal act, willful exposure to danger, any type of accident, any failure of a cosmetic nature only, being under the influence of drugs (unless medically supervised) or alcohol, misuse or neglect, any unlawful act or omission, acts of war or God, nuclear explosion, sonic boom or radioactivity.

All Guarantee repairs must be carried out by an Audi Approved Dealer or Audi Approved Authorised Repairer.

Parts failures will be handled by the administrator on behalf of Audi UK and we reserve the right to have the vehicle inspected by an independent engineer prior to any work being carried out.

Where the Guarantee holder's car insurance should pay for a repair or will deem the car to be a write-off, then this insurance should be used and not the Audi Approved Guarantee.

The Audi Approved Guarantee is administered on behalf of Audi UK by Audi Approved Guarantee Administration Services, 102 George Street, Croydon CR9 1AJ.

Telephone calls made in connection with your Audi Approved Guarantee may be monitored as part of training and quality assurance processes.

Audi Approved Guarantee Administration Services:
Administration - 0845 6419707
Claims - 0845 6419706

There is no provision under the Guarantee for any refund or part refund in relation to the Guarantee to be made with the exception of a vehicle being returned under the Audi 30 day exchange programme.

The Guarantee may be invalidated if the owner continues to drive when a fault becomes apparent which results in further damage.

The quality of the guarantee repairs will be the responsibility of the repairing Dealer.

If a vehicle is registered to a VAT registered company or individual, it is the responsibility of that company or individual to claim the VAT element of a valid guarantee claim. Audi UK will not be liable for any such amount if not so claimed.

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