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Should one of the listed components fail on your vehicle, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be fully covered. All replacement parts and labour will be paid, up to the current market value of the car.

We aim to deliver exceptional service, that’s why an Audi Approved Guarantee can be further extended when you buy your vehicle. Or, provided your car is maintained by Audi or an Audi Authorised Specialist, you can renew this every 12 months* thereafter. That should help put your mind at ease.

Parts covered for cars over five years of any mileage:

Engine: All internal parts, timing belt and tensioner, turbocharger, supercharger, all solid-state sensors and control units (including immobiliser ECU) of the engine management system including supply relays, ignition switch, petrol or diesel injection and lift pumps, fuel injectors and pipes, starter motor, starter motor relay, alternator, water pump, thermostat, carburettor and engine mountings.

Catalytic converter: Internal failure of catalytic converter.

Clutch: Clutch cover, centre plate, release bearing, cable and adjuster, pedal, solenoid and switch.

Suspension: All parts including self-levelling system, wheel bearings, switchgear, ECU and relay, hydraulic pumps and valves.

Steering system: All parts including from the steering wheel to the track rod ends, rear wheel steering (if fitted) PAS system (excludes drive belt), solid-state sensors and relays.

Braking system: All parts including ABS system components, stop light switch, relays, discs, drums, cylinders, pipes and hoses.

Drive-line components: All parts including four wheel drive system, propeller or drive shafts including gaiters and centre bearing, differential and transfer box internal components, switchgear, ECU and relay.

Locking systems: All parts fitted as standard.

Heating and cooling: All parts relating to heating and air conditioning systems and engine cooling. (Excludes coolant pipes and hoses.)

Electrics: Control units and flash updating, switches, relays, motors and instrument clusters.

Oil leaks: Seals and gaskets replaced to rectify oil leaks on the components in this list of cover.

*All extended and renewal products are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Products are only available for cars under 100,000 miles at time of renewal. Terms and conditions apply.

Extended warranty (excluding Audi Assistance) is provided by Mondial UK and is underwritten by ELVIA Travel Insurance International NV (Netherlands) and administered in the United Kingdom by Mondial Assistance (UK) Limited. Please see your Authorised Audi Dealer for full details of cover.

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