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MOTs are a legal requirement in the UK . Currently vehicles aged three years or over must be tested every year. Refer to you local Audi Dealer for latest advice.

We know how much your Audi means to you, so why not have it assessed at an Audi Dealer by the people who know it best? As a valued Audi owner, you can also benefit from MOT Protection when you pay £49.99 for your MOT test.

The annual MOT test can make even the most cool-headed person a little nervous. Our Audi Trained Technicians are on hand to help make this is as simple and painless as possible for you.

If you choose to have your MOT carried out at an Audi Dealer as well as maintain your vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s service schedule, you can benefit from MOT Protection for just £49.99. This covers you for up to £750 (inc. VAT) against a wide range of repairs, should your Audi fail its MOT.

So, although we can’t make the MOT test vanish altogether, we can eliminate some of the worry it may cause.

For more information on having your Audi MOT tested with us, or to learn more about MOT Protection, please contact your Audi Dealer.

Why is an MOT important?

It’s a legal requirement to have an MOT. For further information about MOTs please visit the VOSA website:

MOT summary

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