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Prepare your vehicle for seasonal changes with a Free Safety Inspection.

If you wish to book a Health Check on a separate occasion, you can do so outside of normal service and maintenance visits. The traffic light system advises which maintenance work our technicians have recommended – red represents urgent actions to be taken and amber- advisory actions which will maximise your vehicles capabilities, green usually means that your vehicle is good to go.

Audi Summer Health Check


If our technicians have found a red advisory, immediate action should be taken. Your Inchcape Audi Centre will advise you accordingly – in certain instances you can view this online using Audi Cam technology.


An amber warning is not as urgent as a red, but if found, our technicians believe a replacement should be made in the near future. You will be provided with a suitable follow up date by one of our technicians, for you to appropriate your local Inchcape Audi Centre nearer the required replacement time.
Audi Summer Health Check


This is the best possible outcome. A green traffic light symbol means that your vehicle is good to go. Your local Audi Centre will be able to give you more information about the free health check.

What we inspect

 Interior  Exterior  Under bonnet   Brakes & suspension   Underbody 
 Instruments  Bodywork  Fluid levels  Brake pads  Steering
 Horn  Glass and mirrors  Drive belts  Brake discs  Drive shafts
 Interior lights  External lights  Battery condition  Brake hoses  Hoses
 Seatbelt operation  Wiper blades    Dampers  Exhaust system
 Windscreen washers        General fluid leaks
         Tyre tread depth
         Tyre pressures and condition

Audi Cam

Audi Cam is a revolutionary way of showing you what work needs to be carried out on your car. Now you can see and authorise work needed on your car, from your computer or mobile device.

If we find something worth bringing to your attention, our technicians will film a short video to tell you about the work they recommend. This complimentary service gives you a unique perspective on your service and repair work. That’s what makes the Audi Difference.

Book online now to experience the Audi Difference for yourself or learn more about Audi Cam.
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