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It’s just as important to maintain your Audi Air-Conditioning as it is to service the internal components of your vehicle. When serviced regularly, you can expect optimum levels of air-conditioning from your Audi - making sure that you’re refreshed and cool when you choose to be. 

The average Air-Conditioning System can loose 10% of its gas on an annual basis. Make sure that you Air-Conditioning System doesn’t loose its power and keeps you cool, like it’s meant to, thanks to Inchcape Audi regular servicing. Our recommendation is to bring your vehicle to your local Centre every two years, if not more. 

Air-Conditioning Service - £79

The team of Authorised Audi Technicians will drain and recharge the system, as well as checking connections, hoses, filters and belts. Not forgetting, the fact that one of our technicians will make sure that your compressor and condenser are working to the best of their ability.

If you needed another reason to have your Audi Air-Conditioning serviced by our team of experts, then the ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment are sure to win you over, and if that’s not enough, the service itself helps to maintain the integrity of the mechanics inside of your Audi. The service will provide you with a detailed inspection, making sure that every aspect of your air-conditioning system is performing at its best. All for £79.

Air Con Servicing at Inchcape Audi

Benefits of the Air-Conditioning Service

Stopping unpleasant odours and bacteria from entering your vehicle throughout long drives, the Audi Air-Conditioning Service works hard to leave you feeling fresh at all times. You might be under the misconception that air-conditioning systems are simply designed to keep you cool – that is not the case.

Scientists have revealed evidence, which suggests that thousands of motorists on our roads experience flu-like symptoms on a daily basis. Many of these scientists believe that this is directly related to the bacteria which lies deep within the vehicle’s air-conditioning.

With all of the above considered, the benefits of receiving an Inchcape Audi Air-Conditioning Service are undeniable. To book your Audi Air-Conditioning Service, please contact your local Inchcape Audi Centre.

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