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Published Date: 10/25/2017

Since its initial release back in 1994, the Audi A8 has become a class leader for those looking to travel in executive luxury. Although it has a rich history, the A8’s set to herald the dawn of a new era of motoring when its next iteration is released in 2019. Let us explain why.

Autonomy, autonomy, autonomy

Aside from being a masterfully designed car that oozes style, the Audi A8 will be the first car you can buy that offers Level 3 autonomy. That means it’s going to take full responsibility for accelerating, braking and steering. It’s a seismic moment for the motoring industry, as the race towards completely autonomous vehicles gets ever hotter. With the A8, there are lots of amazing driver aids which put the car’s unrivalled artificial intelligence to scarcely-believable use.

Traffic Jam Pilot

No one likes getting stuck in traffic, but as the Traffic Jam Pilot takes charge of your car up to a speed of 37mph, the time you once wasted stopping and starting will be a thing of the past. The A8 takes complete control of the car through its array of sensors including cameras, laser scanners and radar systems, allowing you to sit back and relax - even to read a book or watch a film.

Adaptive Driving Assistant

In an upgrade to adaptive cruise control, Audi’s Adaptive Driving Assistant will use things like map data, sign recognition and its sensors to slow the A8 down for speed zones, sharp bends and if you’re approaching something like a roundabout.

Crossing Assist and Exit Warning

The A8’s 360-degree safety system will keep an eye out for any potential hazards all around you, giving you warnings to help you avoid collisions and even applying the brakes if needs be. When you’ve stopped, there’s no excuse for opening your door on an unsuspecting cyclist or car anymore, as there’s a warning for that too.


The A8 will be able to self-park like no other car out there, fully controlling the steering wheel, acceleration and braking whether it’s parallel or perpendicular parking. Or if you want to do your own parking, you can do so using the car’s key or your smartphone. There’ll be 41 driver-assist systems available in total, with the Manoeuvring Assist and Curb Warning among the handiest. Gone will be the days of hitting hidden bollards or curbing your alloy wheels, which can only be a good thing.

It’s a hybrid too

As well as Level 3 autonomy, every A8 will be a mild hybrid too, offering an extended stop-start system and regenerative braking. The car will harness some of the energy that’s usually lost when the brakes are applied, helping to improve the A8’s economy and environmental footprint. Even the interior’s leather will be naturally tanned, moving away from the more harmful chrome tanning process.

And there’s more to come

It’s a whole new level of AI with Audi’s future Personal Intelligent Assistant. It’ll be able to guide you to an appointment that’s logged in your smartphone for example, and offer you the chance to call or text other people scheduled to be there. And if you’ve got some spare time, it’ll suggest pulling over at a petrol station for a bit of extra juice to get you home, and even tell you to grab a bottle of windscreen washer if your level’s running low.

With so much incredible tech to look forward to, we just can’t wait for the new Audi A8 to be released.


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