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Published Date: 06/10/2017

Unfortunately, accidents are part and parcel of motoring. Although our cars are becoming more and more advanced, and equipped with technology to not only protect you but also to prevent collisions even happening, they still do. Maybe one day in the future we’ll all be safely chauffeured around by driverless cars, but until then, it’s a good idea to know when accidents are most likely to occur.

Rush Hour

It stands to reason that there are more accidents during rush hour, when roads are at their busiest. With more cars on the road, the odds of a bump naturally increase. Plus, with many commuters in a rush to get home, or others running late for work, people can be prone to driving a little more aggressively. The question you have to ask yourself is if the extra few minutes you might save by driving more recklessly are really worth it.

Friday Blues

There aren’t many people who’d have Fridays down as one of their least favourite days of the week. With the weekend at hand, it’s the time for a lot of us to start relaxing and enjoy some time off. But statistical research by the accident management company Accident Exchange shows that accidents are 19% more likely on a Friday compared to the average weekday. Although you may be keen to get your weekend started as quickly as possible, don’t let a bump during Friday rush hour ruin your time off.

The Most Doomed Day

When it comes to the single most dangerous day to drive in the UK, this dubious honour falls to January. According to Accident Exchange, the last Friday in January is the one to watch in the UK. In 2015, it saw 74% more accidents than on an average day. With factors such as dark evenings for the drive home after work, tiredness from the week’s slog, and January’s often-treacherous weather, it’s a time to really be on your guard when at the wheel.

No to Booze Cruise

Although most accidents occur during rush hour, the worst incidents tend to happen at night, and because of alcohol. Data published in 2012 by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, showed that over 50% of fatal accidents in America between 9pm and midnight were alcohol-related. This figure rose to more than 70% between 12am and 6am. Drinking and driving are two things that never go together.

Tell Me Why

A few years ago, the Institute of Advanced Motorists looked at the data gathered from some 700,000 accidents in the UK, which occurred between 2005 and 2009. The statistics showed that over 65% of crashes were down to driver error or reaction. This includes things like failing to look properly, misjudging corners and loss of control. Obviously the chances of doing these kind of things is heightened under the influence of alcohol, and also when there are a lot more cars around to make these mistakes.

The Future?

With such a high proportion of accidents caused by driver error, and more than 15% by people driving too fast for the conditions, it’s little wonder we're seeing the rise of autonomous technology. From driver aids currently available such as Audi lane assist and side assist, to the autopilot available in the A8 and the fully driverless cars of the future, anything that cuts down on accidents and fatalities has to be a good thing.


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