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Published Date: 11/01/2017

To confirm Audi as one of the safest ranges in the industry, both the new A5 and Q2 models have been awarded five-star NCAP ratings.

Audi Q2

With high ratings for adult and child safety, pedestrian protection and a plethora of safety systems, both vehicles have clearly been built with safety in mind.

As standard, all Audi models are fitted with emergency braking, and after NCAP introduced it as part of the evaluation tests in 2016, this means Audi are already ahead of the pack by having a great automatic braking system.

Both the Q2 and A5 models have been fitted with Audi pre-sense that scan the road in front to sense any possible collision, and if one is detected it warns the driver. If needed, emergency braking is initiated to reduce speed as much as possible before an impact.

The pair can be fitted with a wide selection of safety systems to ensure safer driving, such as collision avoidance assist and turn assist. Collision avoidance assist helps the driver manoeuvre around obstacles, while turn assist helps the driver move across lanes when turning against the flow of traffic. It can even stop the car completely in dangerous situations.

The Q2 is available from £20,230, while the A5 series starts from £30,700, and with the safety backing of NCAP, they are both smart options in their sectors.

No matter what kind of car you are looking for, be sure to contact your local Inchcape Audi centre for an expert guide to all things Audi.

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