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Published Date: 10/06/2016

Audi Connected Mobility

As cities get more congested with more cars on the road, Audi is looking to help improve the environmental condition of the inner city with innovative solutions.

Displayed at the Beijing Motor Show and installed on an Audi Q3 SUV, Audi has displayed a new system where you could park your vehicle up and then use an electric long-board/scooter to travel through the city. The Connected Mobility system is fitted so that you can use the 7.4 miles of charge to travel around the city at speeds up to 18.4mph.

Audi sees this system as the future of inner city travel, helping to alleviate congestion and reduce emissions, making the world’s population centres cleaner and possibly safer.

The Connected Mobility system uses a useful compartment under the boot and can detect if it will be quicker to use the long-board device through the sat-nav than using the car, and will help you find a parking space.

The long-board can be mounted with a set of handlebars so that you can use your smartphone to navigate around with the help of the Audi MMI connect app.

In three different modes, the board can be used in ‘scooter’ mode where you use your phone to control the speed and navigate around the city, whilst in ‘sport’ mode the handlebars fold down into the board and the speed is controlled via remote. In a third mode, the board can be used as a transport device for luggage or shopping and when connected to the app, follows the user when connected to the phone. 

The device charges whilst in the compartment and is made of premium materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium. 

While not currently available, Audi's vision for reducing automobile congestion in crowded cities could easily be the near future for inner city ecological travel.

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