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Published Date: 12/11/2015

The R8 has been the flagship of the Audi fleet since its introduction in 2007.

Its supercar-rivalling performance statistics and styling means it stands out – not only in the Audi fleet, but also against other supercars.

In the R8’s early days, Audi admitted it was a risk to veer from its standard design philosophy. But it was a risk that has paid off... and, in fact, has succeeded so well that other models such as the TT are vastly better looking as styling features were introduced from the supercar.

So why is the Audi R8 so seriously good? Firstly… it has got to be its looks. It was ahead of its time when it was launched in 2007 – so much so, that eight years on, the sleek good looks have changed little.

There have been just tweaks over the years to add to its appeal, such as the addition of LED lights at the front and back. The lights in the back now illuminate the glass engine cover as the car is in motion, so the car is a sight to behold on the road at night.

The R8’s appeal is also that it can be used as an every-day car. It’s not just for high days and holidays.

It offers supercar performance with an impressive mpg. And there is plenty of space for bags under the bonnet and bigger objects behind the seats.

But let’s face it – the main reason anyone wants an R8 is because of its power and performance. There is a choice of two engines, a 4.2 litre V8 or the magnificent 5.2 litre V10. Both will get you from 0-60 in under five seconds.

It handles superbly, with fantastic traction that allows you to corner with ease at any speed, and stick firmly to the road.

With looks that have launched a million posters, Porsche’s unrivalled performance and the economy of a saloon, there really is a lot to love about Audi’s masterpiece.

It's time to put the Audi R8 through it's paces - book a test drive today.

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