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Published Date: 18/11/2015

What are the best options for the Audi SQ5

Audi's SQ5 is one of the most versatile vehicles on sale today.

Combining the disciplines of luxury car, off-roader and performance car, it manages to fill a number of roles all at once.

Audi SQ5

Of course in its position as a luxury vehicle it's very well-specced, but that doesn't mean that buyers are short of personalisation options.

One of the best is the £1,125 panoramic sunroof feature. This adds a full length glass roof with opening forward section that transforms the interior environment completely. It makes the cabin much brighter and airier, and is even more special at night as street lights - or stars, away from the urban sprawl - illuminate the interior.

The extended leather pack, at £255, also brings a little extra interior class. Changing some of the upper cabin soft-touch plastics into leather improves the perceived quality by much more than the price of the pack itself.

For those with electronic opening garage doors, the £180 Homelink feature will let your SQ5 communicate with it and save you having to carry an extra dongle.

Should you do a lot of waiting around in your Audi - while the kids are lethargically limping out of school, for instance - the addition of the digital TV tuner will be a blessing. This £825 option enables you to watch free to air digital TV channels on the SQ5's MMI screen, though only while the car is not in motion. Audio will continue as you drive along though.

But one of the neatest additional features is also one of the cheapest. The Climate cup holder is a £100 option that adds a dual function heater-cooler to the cupholders. This can be switched into cold mode at 3°C or into hot mode at 58°C to keep your drinks at an ideal temperature.

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