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Published Date: 30/07/2015

The Audi TT has been a customer favourite since its launch in 1999.

But it is not just the looks that have made the TT such a much-loved car. It is the ride quality, performance and handling on the roads that have kept it a firm favourite.

Through the years, the TT has evolved into a more usable everyday machine, but one thing that has remained is the TT charm.

Take a look at the first example of a TT that was released in the UK. Its rounded shape was original and quirky, which made it stand out in the crowd of sports cars that were available in the late 90s and early 2000s. It is now regarded as a design icon.

Audi TT mk2
If looks were what made the TT instantly recognisable on the roads and made the car a real head turner.

Audi TT mk1

Moving on a few years and a revamped TT came to the market, with a different look. There is no questioning it looked much sportier, thanks to its wider stance and bigger front grille.

The performance was also improved, with a more powerful engine range and modernised chassis. It was the improved performance that really got people talking as it became even more exciting to drive. It was also bigger, more luxurious and full of all the modern technology, which meant comfort and practicality were improved.

Audi TT mk3

The latest version of the TT has benefited from the styling of the supercar of the fleet, the Audi R8. Taking on some aspects of the highly-acclaimed supercar has resulted in the TT becoming more attractive and appealing than ever before.

Again, performance has been upgraded and the TT is now a genuinely fast car yet economy is excellent. No matter which engine you choose, you will be able to get 40-plus mpg out of it, excellent for a sports car.

The TT has remained a favourite throughout its existence, and has continued to improve in all areas over the past 15 years. The TT is instantly recognisable – from the 1999 model to the new-look 2015 version.

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