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Published Date: 17/07/2015

Audi really stepped up their game with the TT.

The first generation of the cars was popular. The second generation was even more successful. The present third generation is… well, out of this world.

The iconic design has been tweaked and refreshed rather than undergoing radical changes, and it remains one of the best sports cars on the market.

The latest styling has moved the car a little further away from the Mk 1 version, while retaining that sleek and sporty look that makes the TT instantly recognisable and a real head turner. Its front shares similarities with the Audi R8 supercar, with piercing front headlights, pointed bonnet lines and a beefy grille.

Comparing it to the R8 says enough about how well the TT is styled. Matching the impressive looks of the TT is the power under the bonnet, with a 2.0-litre TFSI engine and its diesel companion. It races from 0-60 in just six seconds – and with the quattro option, that time is slashed to 5.3 seconds.

The new TT weighs 50kg less than its predecessor, which has made the experience for the driver even better. Audi’s excellent all-wheel-drive system offers even more stability and grip in even the worst weather conditions. So it looks great on the outside, and it drives like a dream. That quality continues in the interior, with innovative, class-leading hi-tech equipment and classy leather on the dash and seats.

The highlight is the wonderful virtual cockpit, with a 12.3-inch screen sitting in the space usually occupied by the standard dials. The graphics are high quality and can be adjusted and personalised to suit the driver’s requirements – it is a highly-innovative piece of Audi equipment.

And if you think the TT is just a sports car and isn’t practical, then think again. There are four seats in the coupe, and a good-sized boot which expands to a healthy 712 litres of space when the back seats are down.

Continuing the TT trend, the latest model combines the kind of driver enjoyment that is expected in a sports car a long with everyday usability.

It’s well worth a look. Try one at your local Inchcape dealer – there are Audi dealerships in Bolton, Cheshire Oaks, Crawley, East Kent, Macclesfield, Maidstone, Stockport, Swindon, Tetbury and Tunbridge Wells.

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