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Published Date: 16/12/2015

We will see a pure-electric Q6 in 2018 with a range of up to 500km, according to Audi CEO Rupert Stadler.

Audi q6 pure electric

Speaking to Auto Express, the firm’s chief opened up about Audi’s upcoming SUV that is believed to be badged as a Q6, announcing that the car to bridge the gap between the Q5 and Q7 will coincide with important developments within the charging infrastructure.

Audi confirmed the new model at its annual press conference in March, and Stadler has described the SUV with words such as “sexy” and “sporty”, as well as “packed with utility”, adding great anticipation in the process.

Stadler commented: “Some years ago SUVs were disliked and seen as not fuel efficient, we have proved through lightweight technology and electric drive trains that they can be highly efficient,” he added. "Believe me, the premium customer is prepared to pay a little bit more to say I’m doing everything well for the environment."

“Now with our engineers and our battery-cell suppliers we are at a stage where we can say, yes, this is feasible and we believe that with the ongoing investments in terms of infrastructure development we think that 2018-2019 is the right time to come up with such a car. It will look nice, it will have sufficient range, and we think the infrastructure will be sufficient in terms of supercharging.”

The Audi boss added: “When it comes to a battery electric vehicle it was very clear for us, a range of 500km (310 miles) is a must.”

As the infrastructure for electric vehicles increases, such cars as the potential Q6 will find more demand, with Stadler pointing out that China as a nation is focusing on creating a workable market for such models to thrive.

He stated: “What we are seeing in China at the moment is there are some government decisions that will put superchargers every 50km on 16,000 to 17,000km of highways. If this happens and this will happen then it could be an accelerator and create some good momentum. Hopefully the Europeans will follow.” 

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