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Published Date: 18/12/2015

The new Audi A4 has been completely redesigned from top to bottom and looks brilliant.

Audi A4 Review
Audi has started completely from scratch, taking the new modular platform on which the Q7 also sits, and comprehensively cutting off the kilos from the old A4's kerb weight to help give the model a more nimble feel.

There's plenty of engines to put have under the bonnet of the new A4. The range now starts with a 148bhp 1.4-litre petrol, replacing the old entry-level 1.8, and tops out at a 268bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel.

Inside, there is a pleasing amount of new tech on display inside the A4 too. Audi's virtual cockpit from the TT naturally makes an appearance here too, while a high-resolution 8.3-inch (yet non touch-sensitive) screen perches proudly in the middle of the dash.

The new A4 is also incredibly safe thanks to adaptive cruise control, blind spot alerts and cross traffic detection. There is also a traffic-jam assist system that allows the car to effectively drive itself in low speed traffic with no driver intervention.

It is a great car to drive as well. No matter which engine is fitted, the A4 seems impossibly quiet at motorway speeds – with just a hint of tyre noise letting you know that you are actually traveling on tarmac.

It handles very well and is just as capable on B-roads as it is on the motorway. The accurate steering means that you can confidently corner the luxurious A4.

With new styling and sports car-like dynamics the A4 is extremely desirable and becomes even more so when you get behind the wheel. It is the complete package in terms of a luxury saloon car.

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