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Published Date: 16/11/2015

Inchcape Audi Action plan
Latest emissions update reveals that no software regarded as an ‘improper defeat device’ (in law), has been installed in vehicles with EA288 EU5/EU6 engines within the European Union.

The Volkswagen Group has already confirmed that new EU6 vehicles (within the European Union) fulfil all legal requirements and environmental standards. While thorough examination has confirmed that all new vehicles engineered in the European Union by the Volkswagen Group, with the two aforementioned engine specifications, also fully comply and are not affected by emission issues.

Volkswagen AG is systematically reviewing the issue on a global scale - the group is also working hard to find a fully complying solution in line with all valid standards.

Full speed measures are being taken to find effective technical solutions – with the development of solutions for each affected series and model year being presented to the responsible authority for acceptance before any action is taken.

How to check if your vehicle is affected? 

You can now use our self-service website to check if your vehicle is affected. All you need to do is enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification number) details of your car. If this shows you have an affected vehicle, you do not need to take any further action as we will contact you directly.

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