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Published Date: 07/10/2015

Joint 1,000th customers in 2015 at Crawley Audi

With the approach of the landmark sale of the 1,000th Audi at Crawley Audi in 2015, everyone was eager to get the handshake that sealed the deal.

Incredibly, as it turned out, two Audis deals were concluded at the same time, meaning that they were effectively both the 1,000th sold.

After being informed by Mr Richard Taylor that they were close to the 1,000 milestone for the year, the customers came in and ordered their cars at exactly the same time.

In celebration of this rare event, customer Mrs Dawn Purkiss, who purchased an Audi A1, was presented with an Audi Teddy, ladies Audi watch and a bottle of champagne. The second lucky customers, Mr and Mrs Brewer, received an additional £300 off their new Audi Q7.

The delighted customers are pictured below with their new cars.

Audi Crawley 1000th Customer

Audi Crawley 1000th Customer

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