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Published Date: 30/11/2015

When moving your family around, safety is one of the highest priorities.

Audi Q7

The seven-seat Audi Q7 is the solution, having received 5 stars from European safety assessment body Euro NCAP.

The driver and front passenger are well protected in the event of an accident due to front airbags, belt pretensioners, and belt load limiters - with rear seat passengers also benefitting from the advanced belt system. All passengers have side head airbags, with thorax airbags standard in the front and optional in the rear of the vehicle.

Audi has particularly looked at the safety of children, emphasising that the large space means that up to six children’s seats can be installed if you have a big, young family. The seatbelt reminder will always warn you that you must strap yourself in.

The technological aspect of the Q7's safety is as impressive as the structural. Audi pre-sense adds a predictive warning and emergency braking system, both to protect passengers from a crash and also to prevent pedestrian injury.

Also included in the suite of safety aids is turn assist, which monitors oncoming traffic to prevent a collision when turning left across the flow of traffic. Exit warning provides notice if you're about to open a door into the path of an incoming vehicle. Rear traffic assist is available too and warns you of traffic approaching the rear of the vehicle across your path as you reverse out of a space or driveway.

It's not all about preventing a collision with the Q7's systems either, as it comes with aids that activate should you actually come to grief. Audi pre-sense basic tightens the seatbelts and closes the roof and windows in the event of a crash, while multicollision brake assist activates the braking system to prevent you rolling off into further accidents. The Q7 picked up Euro NCAP's Advanced award for these latter functions. 

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