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Published Date: 30/11/2015

Even with the assurance of Audi's quattro system, we could all prepare for winter driving. 

Audi Q3 ready for winter

The UK's annual cold snap always catches out a few drivers, with the accident rate increasing by more than 250%, but with a little preparation there's no need for you to be amongst them.

Keeping your car in the rudest of health is the most important way to be prepared of course, and Audi will carry out a free winter check on your Audi model to make sure it's ready for the seasonal unpleasantness.

The check includes monitoring the levels of oil, clutch fluid, coolant and screen wash, rating the condition of the drive belts, battery, tyres and exhaust and tracing any fluid leaks. Each area will be given a rating of red, amber or green indicating any actions needed and how urgent.

Road salt, though necessary to keep the country moving, can play havoc with minor bodywork issues and turn them into major ones through corrosion, so in addition to checking the mechanics of your Audi we can also carry out a free estimate on any bodywork repairs 

We also supply a range of winter tyres. These aren't just for blizzard conditions - they can give you up to 60% more grip when the outside temperature drops below 7°C, radically improving stopping distances which significantly increase in cold weather and can be four times as much as you're used to.

Car aside, there's plenty you can do yourself to prepare yourself for the cold snap too. Keep an ice scraper or de-icer spray to hand and in case of the worst, make sure that your car has a mobile phone charger and torch, along with gloves and a coat to keep yourself warm while you wait for roadside assistance.

Cutting down on non-essential journeys is the best plan for tackling winter too, but should you need to venture out remember that stopping distances will increase and be wary that road conditions may vary wildly even on short sections.

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