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The Audi Range

When in the day do most accidents occur?

Unfortunately, accidents are part and parcel of motoring. Although our cars are becoming more and more advanced, and equipped with technology to not only protect you but also to prevent collisions even happening, they still do.


Peak Performance A5 vs RS5

We compare and contrast the A5 and RS5 from Audi.


Understanding the Audi Quattro

Quattro and Audi have become synonymous over the past four decades – but what is it, and why is it such an important aspect of Audi performance and off-road vehicles?


10 Summer Car Maintenance Checks you Need to Carry Out

Life races by quickly, so it's easy to forget important maintenance on your car when the sun is shining and driving conditions seem perfect. Our quick guide covers off all the things you should be doing when summertime rolls around.


A4 Vs Q5 - Car Comparison

With subtly imposing road presence, gorgeous detailing, beautiful interiors and remarkable build quality, it’s easy to appreciate why Audi models are so desirable to both private and company car fleet drivers. If you're weighing up an A4 with a Q5, this article is for you.


Peak Performance - A7 And Rs7 Compared

Lauded in some circles as the world’s most beautiful production car, Audi’s A7 Sportback model and its feisty RS7 iteration perfectly blend premium with punch and practicality.


Five Spectacular US Road Trips

It's hard to beat a road trip when it comes to enjoying complete independence when you go away. Here we take a look at five of the most spectacular US summer road trips you can go on.


F1 Tracks You Can Actually Drive On

Motor racing is one of the world’s most popular sports, and Formula One is seen by many as the pinnacle of motorsport. Here we’ve provided the low-down on the tracks you can actually drive on from the current F1 calendar


Surprise Swindon Audi Donation Keeps Purton Youth Out of the Cold

It was a welcome Christmas gift for the managers and coaches of Purton Youth Football Club when Swindon Audi kindly provided winter training jackets for their coaching team at the end of last year.


Traffic Light Information is world-first with Audi

With autonomous driving features becoming more common and more important to how we drive, Audi is looking to use these advancements to make driving much more efficient.


Audi TT TDI quattro

The Audi TT has been a stylish option in the small coupe sector since the late 1990s, and it has redefined the coupe and roadster markets with its reliability and excellent performance.


A5 and Q2 given five-star NCAP ratings

To confirm Audi as one of the safest ranges in the industry, both the new A5 and Q2 models have been awarded five-star NCAP ratings.


A3 Cabriolet Named Carbuyer Best Convertible

Since the range’s introduction in 1996, the Audi A3 has been critically acclaimed for its style and performance in the compact sector, and now the new A3 Cabriolet can add to this impressive list of accolades.


VED Tax Changes - How will it affect your new Audi?

Following on from the budget of July 2016, new road tax laws are set to come into force on the 1st April. How will this affect your new Audi purchase?