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Audi Adverts from the 1990s

1990s – this 10-year period saw the dramatic expansion of Audi, with new and growing confidence. To kick-start the decade, a Coupé was launched – the seven millionth Audi to be engineered since 1965. Besides this, a revolutionary A8 with an aluminium body was launched and the exploratory TT designs were unveiled, much to the delight of Audi fans everywhere. Add to that, the release of the Audi 80 Cabriolet, the pioneering A3 three-door hatch and the announcement of a third Duo. It’s clear to see that Audi innovated throughout the ‘90s.

Browse our collection of Audi adverts from the 1990s below:

1990 Audi Crash Advert

1993 Audi Cabriolet Advert

1993 The Soul of Audi Advert

1995 Audi Advert

1997 Audi A4 Avant Coming in November Advert

1998 Audi A6 Advert

1999 Audi A4 Avant Advert