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Audi Adverts from the 1980s

1980s - the decade that witnessed the launch of Audi quattro. Following the famous Audi philosophy ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, the automotive brand pushed to engineer the most resilient, high-performance cars in the ‘80s. With fantastic road holding, speed and security, the quattro was a force to be reckoned with – and that’s not the only ‘80s Audi milestone. Winning three events at the World Rally Championship, revealing the first hybrid vehicle and releasing a new Coupé/Saloon are among the highlights.

Browse our collection of Audi adverts from the 1980s below:

1980s Audi UK Advert

1981 Audi 4000 Coupé Advert

1985 Audi 5000 S Advert

1985 Audi quattro Advert

1987 Audi Advert

1988 Audi 80 Advert

1988 Audi 5000 Joanne Woodward TV Advert

1988 Audi 80 Advert

1989 Audi Australia Advert