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The Audi Range

Purist and sporty

Purism as the driving element behind the study is also evident in the interior design: racing bucket seats and four-point seat belts which are three inches wide provide excellent support for both driver and front passenger − even in extreme driving situations, such as on the racetrack. The pedals are made of aluminium. Their grooved structure offers a better grip and also helps to save weight. The door pull and the door opener are both cut-out, a feature which underlines the purist character of the interior.

Visual highlights in aluminium

The gear lever gate and aluminium gear knob adopted from the new mid-engined sports car, the Audi R8, are a joy to behold. Further visual highlights in aluminium include floor mats sporting the TT logo as an inlay. The door sill trim has been moved further inside the car. The sill area has also been restyled compared with the production model. Rather than being interrupted by a sill strip, it now emphasises the width of the car.

Instruments and entertainment

The instrument cluster of the Audi TT clubsport quattro® is very different from the one in a production model. Its distinguishing features are the vertical needles and colour graphics. Instead of the middle of the three round air vents in the upper part of the dashboard, an interface is integrated here, designed among other things for the B&O MP3 player BeoSound 2. The player built by Audi’s premium partner fits exactly into the circular opening and is a sheer delight for the senses, both visually and acoustically.

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