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Purist driving machine with racing character

The TT clubsport quattro® is the first new-generation TT with four-cylinder engine and permanent four-wheel drive. Its highly efficient 2.0 TFSI engine has an even higher output than on the Audi S3: the turbocharged unit with petrol direct injection breaks the 300 bhp barrier. S tronic direct-shift gearbox and ceramic brakes underscore the racing character of the study.

A fascinating view of the engine compartment

A glimpse into the engine compartment of the TT clubsport quattro provides a fascinating sight: thanks to the absence of superfluous cables and auxiliaries, the engine compartment looks extremely clean. The engine has deliberately not been hidden under a cover. A racing air filter ensures that the engine takes in a sufficient amount of air. The ABS system, air conditioning and activated charcoal filter have been moved from the engine compartment to the interior. The cross brace running above the engine is a technical stroke of genius. It not only makes the car more rigid, but also contains the coolant expansion tank.

S tronic and ceramic brakes

The transmission is new in this performance category. Thanks to its dual clutch, the S tronic direct-shift gearbox changes gear virtually without interrupting the flow of power, a process that goes unnoticed by the driver. The six gears can also be changed manually with gearshifts taking just fractions of a second.

Ceramic brakes are fitted in the TT for the first time. They are absolutely non-fading even after countless sharp braking manoeuvres. Ceramic brakes are already offered for the RS 4, the A8 and the S8, for example, and are enjoying increasing popularity with customers.

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