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The Audi Range

Muscular proportions

The R8 TDI Le Mans bodywork is painted in brillant red and looks even wider and more resolute than the core model. It shows its potential through its muscular proportions, accentuated wheel arches and even larger air apertures. The rhombus-patterned cover on the air inlets and outlets is the hallmark of Audi's sporty top models and a familiar feature of the current RS generation.

Large glass roof

One new aspect is the glass roof of the passenger compartment with two large transparent sections. These, together with the glazed engine compartment behind, form a radical new feature. The unmistakable NACA duct in the middle of the roof is a functional detail normally reserved for racing cars. Its ingenious shape accelerates the air drawn in here for the two cylinder banks of the V12 TDI engine.

Innovative LED technology

The LED tail lights of the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans have a unique three-dimensional look. But the highlight is the all-LED headlights of the study vehicle. With their lenses and reflectors, not only do these innovative light sources have a ground-breaking appearance, they also provide a functional advantage: LED light, with its color temperature of 6,000 K, resembles daylight much more closely than xenon or even halogen light.

Ergonomic and elegant

The interior's design is as sporty and exclusive as the exterior: the characteristic element here is the monoposto, an expansive arc running around the steering wheel and instruments, connecting the driver to the car. The interior consequently picks up on the dynamism of the R8 TDI Le Mans and gives it tactile expression in a form that is accessible the moment you climb in.

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