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Three cars in one

Audi also demonstrates Vorsprung durch Technik in the study’s electronics systems: Audi drive select allows the compact SUV to be enjoyed in three entirely different ways.

Audi drive select: dynamic, sport and efficiency

The basic setting, “dynamic”, is automatically activated every time the engine is started and generally meets the expectations that Audi drivers have of their car.

The “sport” mode gives the Cross Coupé an emphatically sporty feel. The shock absorbers are set firm, the engine responds more spontaneously to the throttle and the S tronic transmission’s shift points move higher up the engine speed range: the ideal basis for active driving pleasure on winding roads.

The Audi Cross Coupé also offers the “efficiency” driving program, whereby the engine map and the shift points are modified to support a particularly economical driving style. Unless otherwise required, the system furthermore deactivates components that are especially energy-hungry, for example the air-conditioning compressor.

To ensure as efficient a driving style as possible, the “efficiency” program uses route data from the navigation system and the cruise control to dramatically increase fuel efficiency. Combined with an anticipatory driving style and normal driving conditions, this setting gives more than a 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, compared to the “dynamic” mode.

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