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The design of the four-door study presents itself as a further step in the evolution of the current Audi style. With a Liquid Silver paint finish and a characteristic silhouette, the Audi Cross Coupé has a distinctly sporty look. At the same time, its proportions and large 20-inch wheels underscore its off-road potential.


The prominent single-frame grille, the narrow window area and the powerful rear are reminiscent of the Audi Q7 to which this concept car is related. Its heavily segmented side area and the distinctly horizontal styling of the rear end echoes elements of the Audi A5 Coupé. The wrap-around tailgate opens up to reveal a wide, easy-to-load luggage compartment with a volume of 450 litres.

A special visual highlight of the Audi Cross Coupé quattro® is the large-area folding soft top. This electrically operated hood allows a degree of fresh air virtually on a par with a convertible. A further eye-catching feature of the compact SUV is its LED headlight unit. This combines headlights, main beam and cornering light in one striking unit.


The interior concept of the Audi Cross Coupé quattro unites exclusiveness, elegance and ergonomics in all areas. The pale basic colour, off white, conveys a feeling of spaciousness, while the variety of materials and surfaces generates an appealing contrast. The background lighting imbues the interior with a stylish ambience, even at night. And the sound system featured in the Audi Cross Coupé quattro also sets new standards, with its prominent, extending tweeters.

The cockpit area is clearly inclined towards the driver – a typical feature of the latest Audi models. For the first time, the MMI can be operated by means of a touch pad. Courtesy of dual-view technology, the display also allows separate video output for the driver and front passenger. In addition, information can also be displayed directly in the windscreen via a laser projection if required.

The driver and front passenger can operate the advanced air conditioning system in the Audi Cross Coupé using a new, intuitive touch wheel. A trim strip in the dashboard area, featuring more than 4,600 bore holes, provides for draught-free, indirect ventilation.

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