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A new classic

Whether the top is up or down, the Audi Cross Cabriolet quattro® makes an impact. Classic Audi Cabriolet hallmarks, such as the elegant fabric hood and aluminium A-pillar surface; the dynamic lines of a sports car; and the presence of an SUV all combine without compromise

Clearly defined and sporty

The longitudinally mounted engine is positioned down the centreline of the car for efficient weight balance. The basic chassis and drivetrain, measuring 4.62 m in length and 1.91 m across, are taken from the current Audi A4 and Audi A5 lines. But that’s where the similarity ends. The SUV-style height of 1.63 m makes an immediate impact. Dynamic lines create a sporty silhouette. Large 21-inch wheels with 265/35 R21 tyres add to the effect from the pronounced styling of the wheel arches.

Lighting Technology

The Cross Cabriolet quattro is the latest Audi to be equipped with innovative lighting technology. All-LED headlights feature the characteristic strip of daytime running lights, plus electronically-controlled swivelling cornering lights.

Innovative hood system

The fabric hood is the trademark of all open-top Audi models. At the touch of a button, it automatically lowers itself in a Z-fold behind the rear seats in just 17 seconds. Convertible design and SUV functionality meet in the short stepped boot lid. Closed, it forms a continuation of the fabric hood’s coupé line. Open, it lifts high enough to provide a surprisingly large space, with the glass rear window automatically lifting at the same time.

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