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Innovative technology

The Audi mobile device is a portable unit that functions as an access authorisation system for the vehicle, mobile phone, navigation system and audio and video player all in one. Plus, it serves as the control unit for numerous vehicle systems which can also be programmed from outside the Audi A1 project quattro

A portable all-in-one unit

The Audi mobile device housed in the centre console offers the entire range of functions and exact same menu navigation as the MMI system. It integrates a host of communications devices that were previously only available separately into a single, extremely space-efficient unit.
This allows the driver to use the Audi mobile device as an MP3 player, for example, or as an address database and input tool for the navigation system. What’s more, he can switch on the vehicle’s heating if required and program the sound system to suit his personal preferences, all from the comfort of his own home. Access and start authorisation for the Audi A1 project quattro is also provided by the mobile device, dispensing with the need for a key.

Operation the easy way

The unit is operated using a touch screen, whose architecture replicates the MMI standard. The touch screen is capable of recognising both Latin and Japanese characters, and is even able to decipher handwriting. The Audi mobile device and vehicle communicate via a WLAN connection.

Built-in peace of mind

The Audi mobile device also offers the vehicle owner an extra security function: images from a camera in the vehicle interior can be received on the device’s display in real time. If the vehicle alarm is triggered, the system activates itself and warns the owner. Should the vehicle be stolen and move out of the WLAN connection’s range, the electronics automatically switch to the car phone’s UMTS transmitter to keep the owner informed of the vehicle’s current location.

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