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The Audi Range

Focusing on the driver

The interior, with its four individual seats and a surprisingly generous amount of space for this class, has a tidy, no-frills appearance. The curving wrap-around element merges the doors and the sporty cockpit into a single whole. The dashboard and centre console are designed entirely around the driver.

Sporty Details

Details such as the air vents and air conditioning controls seem to be straight out of a jet plane. This same thinking was behind the soft finish of the interior’s surfaces. The round dials and the air vents, which are also circular, are reminiscent of a classic sports car cockpit à la Audi TT. The sporty seats with integrated head restraints offer levels of comfort and ergonomics that far exceed the customary standards in the sub-compact segment and live up to the expectations of a typical Audi.

Sophisticated design

Ergonomics and aesthetics unite to create an ambience of clear-cut architecture and high-class appeal. This impression is further enhanced by the two-tone colour concept. The materials used for both the seat upholstery and the interior trim appeal with their high-class looks and feel. The contrasting colour scheme featuring dark panels and red stitching adds substance to the car’s overall sporty character.

The aluminium insert in the centre console comprises the mobile device as well as the start/stop button behind the gear lever. A thermos flask featuring an innovative cooling and heating system can be found in the rear portion of the centre console.

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