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The Audi Range

Simplicity and harmony

The concept car’s styling makes it look as if it has been cast from a single mould. The basic proportions, with a high vehicle body and a flat window area bordered by a coupé-like roof line, produce a virtually classic look for a vehicle bearing the four rings.

Striking silhouette

The silhouette of the roof section is traced by two striking, sturdy aluminium arches which run along the top edge of the windows to connect the A and C-posts, further emphasising the dynamic appeal of the powerfully built, compact vehicle body. The shoulder line of the Audi A1 project quattro with its Racing red paint finish is a new interpretation of yet another trademark feature of the current Audi design. Here, the prominent double lines continue around the entire vehicle as a curvaceous band that links the front end – from which it seems to emerge – with the vehicle’s tail, that rises to create a slightly wedge-shaped effect. At the front, the Audi A1 project quattro’s lowered bonnet that is virtually embedded into the shoulder line forms a novel styling element. The tail is rounded off by a spoiler integrated into the rear window.

Sporty exclusivity

The single-frame grille with its chequered-flag look and four interlinking rings leaves no doubt as to the car’s sporty temperament, an impression that is further underlined by the aluminium finish on elements such as the grille, mirror housings, door handles, fuel filler cap and tailpipes. The two-tone multipiece wheels that have been embellished by the addition of V-shaped polished aluminium elements lend further emphasis to the vehicle’s sportiness and exclusivity.

Innovative LED technology

The design of the three-dimensional main headlights in innovative LED technology is especially eye-catching. The reflectors focus the light emitted by each diode to create a powerful, uniform beam whose white light colour barely places any strain on the driver’s eyes, even when driving for long distances at night. The daytime running lights are also based on LED technology, which promise extra-low energy consumption in addition to its design benefits.

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