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S4 Saloon

Audi S4 Saloon.

Aerodynamic. Stylish. Thrill-ensuring.

Initially launched at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi S4 Saloon is most acknowledged for delivering all the qualities of an A4, plus the stylish characteristics of a sporty ‘S’ model.

Surprisingly lightweight considering the amount of raw power delivered by a 3.0 V6 TFSI engine, helping the model to accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds, the S4 Saloon also features a quattro four-wheel drive system for ultimate stability and road control.



What is the result of matching beautiful design with exceptional performance? The commanding S4 Saloon.

Sporty exterior looks have been flawlessly achieved by combining standout LED Headlights with the High-Gloss Package and a selection of ‘S’ specific elements. To name a few, the most iconic styling touches are an imposing ‘S’ Radiator Grille in Twilight Grey, ‘S’ Specific Air Inlets, Brake Callipers with the S4 Logo, ‘S’ specific Dual-Branch Chrome Tailpipes and more. But that’s not all... stylish 18” ‘5-V spoke’ Design Alloy Wheels are fitted to the New S4 Saloon as standard, alongside Headlight Washers, Rear Model and Engine Technology Badges, and Electrically Adjustable Heated Door Mirrors.

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Step inside the New S4 Saloon and you’ll be equally as impressed. Interior style is equally as important as exterior looks, which is exactly why the Audi engineers have featured contrast stitching throughout the seating, steering wheel and gear lever gaiter. 

Deluxe 3-zone Electronic Climate Control has also been fitted to maintain the ideal cabin condition, while split folding rear seats (40/20/40) ensure that backseat passengers are comfortable at all times.

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You’ve probably heard of our renowned quattro technology by now – it’s built a legacy around providing road grip, even in the most challenging driving conditions... and it’s fitted within the S4 Saloon as standard.

We’ve also included an Automatic Start-Stop System so that you can easily launch your Audi into action and a roaring 3.0 V6 TFSI engine, plus the Efficiency Programme.

And you thought power was everything. Proof that it isn't comes with Audi's third generation S4. Though equipped with less power than its predecessor, it's significantly faster. Perhaps more importantly, it's also greener and considerably more fuel efficient so you can have your pleasure without so much of the guilt. The S4 is a car that makes sense in such a wet country as ours. With all wheel-drive traction and a whole raft of electronic safety measures, it's effortlessly secure, offering less of the heart in mouth moments that often accompany a combination of big power, damp roads and an enthusiastic approach. That's not to say the S4 is a fuddy duddy that's forgotten how to entertain. Learn to drive the car properly and you'll be able to use more of that power more of the time than you ever thought possible. It's so addictive that only the realisation of quite how much Optimax unleaded you've burnt per session could possibly quell the temptation to repeat ad infinitum. This latest version is, without doubt, a big improvement on its predecessor. The best advice we can give is if you're thinking of buying a BMW M3 - or conceivably, even splashing out on a Mercedes C63 AMG or a Lexus IS-F - then the S4 is a car you must try. If common sense prevails once you have, it'll be a hard car to ignore.

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Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Highlight Delivering road grip in the toughest driving conditions.

‘S’ features

Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Highlight Includes S Sports Suspension, S Enhanced Braking System and S Instrument Dials.


Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Highlight Includes the Audi Smartphone Interface to Colour Driver Information System, MMI Navigation Plus and 3D Navigation.


Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Highlight S4 Super Sports Seats with the S embossed logo and Fine Nappa Leather Upholstery add to the athletic appearance of this model.


Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Highlight Take advantage of our Cruise Control System, Parking System Plug, Keyless Go and Pre Sense City technology.

Alloy Wheels

Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Highlight Fitted with 18” ‘5-V spoke’ Design Alloy Wheels in Matt Black, as standard.


S4 Saloon

Inchcape Audi S4 Saloon Saloon
  • 3.0 V6 TFSI quattro
  • Automatic Start-Stop System
  • 18" '5-V spoke' Design Alloy Wheels
  • ‘S’ Enhanced Braking System
  • Audi Drive Select 
  • MMI Navigation Plus
  • Audi Sound System
  • Fine Nappa Leather Upholstery
  • Split Folding Rear Seats (40/20/40)