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The Inchcape lighthouse lies 11 miles out to sea off the East coast of Arbroath, Scotland. It stands on one of the most treacherous submerged reefs in the northern hemisphere and is one of the seven wonders of the Industrial Age.

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of a young engineer, Robert Stevenson, who dreamed of building the impossible, a lighthouse was planned on the 'Rock' that had claimed over 100 lives.

Despite many obstacles, Stevenson never lost faith in his plan, and by February 1811, the lighthouse on Inchcape Rock was finished. It is the oldest, sea-standing lighthouse in the world and today, still saves lives.

100 years later, inspired by this pioneering spirit, Inchcape's founder James Lyle MacKay, when awarded a title for his services to industry became the first 'Baron Inchcape of Strathnaver' and so named the company that he led.

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